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Tellison ‘Tact is Dead EP’ on Cassette Tape


Tellison are back with Tact is Dead! You knew that already, right? But this time it’s in brand new Tape format. HURRAH! The EP contains remixes from Matt Emery and Mr Mistoffelees – as well as gorgeous acoustic versions of both ‘Tact is Dead’ and ‘Boy’.

Available in delicate white/cream or lush red, with lovely lyrical insert with download code >> there’s also an ace Knight tee shirt option too (see our other listing). Available in Red or White and ONLY from the Pop Shop.

These are strictly limited, so do be quick! You don’t want to miss out…

1. Tact is Dead
2. Boy (PJAP alt.)
3. Tact is Dead (2XL variant)
4. Tact is Dead (A variation by Mr. Mistoffelees)
5. Tact is Dead (Matt Emery remix)