Alcopop! Records

Alcopop! vs Dog Knights 12" w/ johnny foreigner, Doctrines, Doe and Playlounge

Sometimes it’s fun to collaborate, and when we got together with our pals at Dog Knights to put together a 12" – there was never any question on who to ask to be part of it. So here we have johnny foreigner, Doe, Playlounge and Doctrines with two exclusive new tracks on limited 12" vinyl. With Alcopop! pressing in Sunrise Yellow and Dog Knights Productions 12"s in Sunset Orange, you can pick each one up for £10, or £18 for both (same tracklisting)… Complete in resplendent 70’s interior décor artwork by Lewes Herriot – these are super limited, so get in quick (or buy with a special Doctrines bundles why not).

A1 Doe – No Wonder
A2 Doctrines - Melt
A3 johnny foreigner – All Yr Favourite Bands Are Dead
A4 Playlounge - Dukowski

B1 johnny foreigner - Flooding
B2 Playlounge – A-OK
B3 Doctrines- Second City
B4 Doe – This Isn’t Home