Alcopop! Records

Get Inuit - Luge Lessons EP

Get Inuit are back with a brand new EP - and by god they’re spoiling you… This is big, glorious dirty pop music which fizzes and crackles with energy – and according to Clash - is ‘blessed with more hooks than a fishing convention.’ We like it! You’ll like it! And we can all high five and scream #KentTouchThis at the top of our lungs as we celebrate the region that spawned this handsome bunch.

So – we’ve two options, and you can either pick up the awesome 4 track EP on CD, or pick up a 9 track Special Edition for just a couple of pounds more! It’s a bit of a treat in that, not only does it contain the 4 new tracks from EP2, but it also boasts all the hits from debut EP 001, and summer smash single Mean Heart… The latter is basically an Alcopop!/tour exclusive – so pick it up soon while it lasts.