Alcopop! Records

Get Inuit - Luge Lessons EP & Dirty Pop Tee

Get Inuit are back with a brand new EP - and by god they’re spoiling you… This is big, glorious dirty pop music which fizzes and crackles with energy – and according to Clash - is ‘blessed with more hooks than a fishing convention.’ We like it! You’ll like it! And we can all high five and scream #KentTouchThis at the top of our lungs as we celebrate the region that spawned this handsome bunch.

So – we’ve two options, and you can either pick up the awesome 4 track EP on CD, or pick up a 9 track Special Edition for just a couple of pounds more! It’s a bit of a treat in that, not only does it contain the 4 new tracks from EP2, but it also boasts all the hits from debut EP 001, and summer smash single Mean Heart…

It’s basically an Alcopop!/tour exclusive – so pick it up soon while it lasts.

If you’re feeling fruity you can even pick it up with this ace Get Inuit ‘Dirty Pop’ tee shirt too, so that when you attend shows in future, people will immediately want to be friends with you.