Alcopop! Records

Helen Love - Smash Hits Album, Tee & Tattoo Bundle

Goodness me, oh my, this is great news. HELEN LOVE (bubble-gum pop superhero punx awesome Swansea solid gold disco jump suit space-girl vs. atomic beat boy LEGEND) is back with her eighth studio album… And we 100% promise you it’s the best yet. And we know. ‘Cos Jack Pop literally went to university in Swansea purely to meet Helen. He failed, but it’s OK now…

Released on Sunburst Super Kay 12” multi splatter vinyl (which may have been a trial for the pressing plant but is SO fucking cool) and CD, you can also buy this – a wonderful bundle – which include a glitter bomb Debbie <3’s Joey tee shirt, and a sheet of temporary Helen Love transfers... All vinyl come with a download of the album, a crazy cool inner sleeve and a little piece of Helen’s heart – and that’s priceless.

If you’re a real punk boy or girl, this is for you… Your heart will go boom when it plays in the room, rain clouds will scatter and fall, you’ll feel yourself sigh when it passes you by – and you’ll grow a hundred feet tall!