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Johnny Foreigner The X and The O EP Cassette w/ 'Mono No Aware' Melting Lewes Artz

1: The X and The O
2: Palace Fired (Separate Bedrooms Redux)
3: I didn't leave the pop punk life, the pop punk life left me
4: The O and The X ft. Maddie Godfrey
Side B: Cursed

This is The X and The O EP – which ties together one of the albums standout tracks, and a series of awesome extra tracks including a reworking of 2009 favourite Palace Fires and a 12 minute new one - ‘The O and the X’.

Dressed in customary exemplary Lewes Herriot artwork, the tape is released in true ‘Mono No Aware’ style – which is probably too complicated to fully explain here, but let’s give it a go: So, ‘Mono No Aware’ is a term coined by Japanese cultural scholar Motoori Norinaga which concerns the awareness of impermanence and a transient gentle sadness of things passing, and a deeper sadness about this being the undeniable state of the reality of life… To try and symbolise that in our own way, each tape will become with a bespoke Lewes Herriot artwork on paper which will dissolve the moment it comes into contact with any liquid. The artwork cannot survive forever –being so easily destroyed - but, if you are sensitive to Mono No Aware, the gentle sadness of knowing this heightens its beauty in the short term.

Oh - and don't listen to the other side tho. THE OTHER SIDE IS CURSED.