Alcopop! Records

Alcopop! Retro Coventry City inspired Talbot 81-83 Shirt

Poppers, i have a confession to make. I (Jack, not Kev) have, since the tender age of 7, supported Coventry City. I'm from there, they always resonated with me - and my mum said i looked good in Sky Blue (thanks mum). Therefore, for our kit this year at The BSM 5 a Side we created this little number, inspired by the 81-83 Talbot Home Shirt. One of the greatest football shirts around. We did pretty well, got to the quarter finals - and now we're offering a very limited number of these for your delectation and delight. We've minimal shirts, but they're quite niche - so if you like retro football shirt esque shirts, Alcopop! and Coventry City (yup, all of you) - these are the ONES FOR YOU!
Printed in Gildan Soft, and please note - no profits will go to SISU... :-D #PUSB