Alcopop! Records

Raketkanon – #RKTKN3 12”/CD

We’re very proud to be bringing you the brand new Raketkanon album #RKTKN3 from a
band so legendary on the live circuit, but sounding just as brazen, powerful and (quite
frankly) HUGE on record. Raketkanon are from Belgium, though they don’t sing in Flemish.
Raketkanon speak their own odd language; one of throttled squeals and shouts, meat-
grinder waves of rolling riffs, synth-layered soundscapes, dystopic electronica-laced beats,
and hypnotic grooves.
Raketkanon speak the language of music like you’ve never heard anyone speak it before,
and for their latest record, they’ve learned a whole new dialect. Blue in Clear vinyl limited to
500 worldwide.