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Dream Nails - Corporate Realness Megabundle (ROLLER BOOTS, CD or Vinyl, S/S Shirt, L/S Shirt, Signed Zine, Tape, Badges and Postcards)

Where to even start with this ridiculous bundle of joy, bought to you by Dream Nails PLC. This, my friends, is corporate realness done RIGHT! Remember when your manager decided spending £10,000 on timeline software to ensure no one was taking any unofficial breaks was a good idea?

Well – for just 1% of that spend you can get *deep breath* - the album on glitter tape, and format of your choice (remember those vinyl are green and white vortex baby), a signed zine, handmade by the band, featuring lyrics, articles and the background to the songs on the album, shirt, LS shirt, badges, postcards AND these UNBELIEVABLE hand painted roller boots – done up in awesome Dream Nails livery by Rhi Lee Design.

There are only 5 of these, and only in size 3, 4, 5 or 6. If you buy this – PLEASE email us – and let us know what sizes you want. THANKS!

This item is a Preorder. Shipping Late August.